Step 1. Choose arrival day, departure day and guests number.

Use the availability checker from the home page and pick the arrival date, departure date and number of guests

Or this model of the availability checker

Step 2. Choose the accommodation plan

If the studio apartment it is available for rent the search result will display this:

Now chose the accommodation plan that suit for you: 1-2 guests or 3-4 guests.
Select from drop-down menu the quatity of the room - 1
The press the button : "SELECT THIS ROOM"
After that the OPTIONAL EXTRAS menu will be displayed and you can choose from the list of our extra services tha we provide to our guest. Or not.

The total cost of the reservation - number of guests and extra services- will be display in the "YOUR BOOK" menu.

if you want to make a change on the reservation or to clear all the reservation press button "VIEW CART" and will be redirect to the cart reservation page.

After you make modifications press "UPDATE".
If the reservation is ok press "CHECK OUT"and will be redirect to the check out page.

Step 3. Finish the reservation - CHECK OUT

For finishing the reservation youmust enter the informations for the booking. please fill in the full booking form so that you can finish the reservation.If we do not receive all the required details in the reservation form, we will cancel the reservation.

Be advised : the reservation is in pending until you will receive the confirmation from us.
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